The World Economic Forum COVID Action Platform

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Expert Perspectives on what Covid-19 means for the Planet :

a)Air pollution
b)Food waste problem 

c)Single-use plastics are on the rise
d)More people will be driven into poverty
e)Immunisation has been set back 
f)Prioritise the environment and fairness 
g)Looking after environment could prevent future pandemics

Drive-through Coronavirus Testing

5 factors that affect our COVID-19 vaccine response, according to this expert

1. Vaccine type and how it’s delivered
2. Our previous infections
3. Our genetics
4. Our age
5. Lifestyle factors

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EXCLUSIVE: CDC’s Confession That America’s Covid-19 Tracking Failed

Disease tracing systems across U.S. states had proven ineffective in furnishing the agency with adequate data on how to curtail the deadly virus, the agency had conceded. The number of people who needed tracking had become simply unmanageable, the CDC said, writing: “Most jurisdictions have been forced to abandon monitoring because the number of monitorees exceeds the capacity. . . . As a result, critical data for CDC to inform and guide public health response to Covid-19 is unavailable.”