Brazil farmers remove dead coffee trees, some switching to grains

SAO PAULO/NEW YORK Aug 24 (Reuters) - Brazilian farmers who had coffee fields severely damaged a month ago by the worst frosts in 27 years have started taking out dead trees to make room for new plantings, with some of them planning to switch part of the affected land over to grains.

Farmers in Brazil's Minas Gerais state, the top coffee area in the country, are pruning the trees impacted by the frosts and in some cases taking the trees out altogether, using tractors, when they see that the plant has died.


Soaring Freight Costs Add Trouble To Coffee Trade As Import Delays Grow

Freight costs for container-based shipping of coffee are soaring and there is little evidence that the sharp increase in cargo prices will ease any time soon.

Prices are expected to stay near record highs for at least another 6-8 months and push delays to shipments from existing backlogs already going over a year back well into 2022, industry analysts and freight sources told STiR coffee and tea in early August.


Researcher sees 4% loss to Brazil's 2022 coffee crop from frosts

NEW YORK, Aug 18 (Reuters) - The frost events that hit coffee fields in Brazil in recent weeks will cause a loss of around 4% to production in the next season, according to forecaster Tropical Research Services (TRS) in a webcast organized by Intercontinental Exchange Inc.

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Arabica Coffee Climbs To A 1-1/2 Week High After ICO Cuts Its Global 2020/21 Coffee Surplus Estimate

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LIVE FROM BRAZIL - Massive damage to coffee due to frost


The Outlook For Commodities In 2021

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic triggered a widespread global shutdown of economic activity, that depressed demand and disrupted supply chains for commodities in virtually all sectors and culminated in a nadir.

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Screenshot 2021-04-07 162159.jpg

Commodities: The party doesn’t stop for commodities in 2021

THE Covid-19 pandemic notwithstanding, the year 2020 has been a fairly good one for commodities, with almost all the major commodities charting decent gains year on year (y-o-y), with the exception of a few such as crude oil and Arabica coffee.